Here at NuGiant Technology, we are committed to bring the safest and energy saving power protection solutions to all level consumers.  With NuGiant, you can feel secure that your home appliances are protected from power spikes and surges.  NuGiant Smart Surge Protectors will save you money on your electric bills.  NuGiant engineering team use the latest in testing equipment and provide the NEW fireproof X3 MOV technology to keep you save.  NuGiant Technology power protection has the right power accessory for your individual needs. 
  Future Technology:
  Imagine having the ability to turn on/off power of your electronics remotely, automatically. This is the future coming out of NuGiant Technology. Soon you will have full and complete control of your Home Theater or Computer System from a press of a button. Learn from HERE
  Latest Developments:
  The Award-winning, Plug-less USB charger, is a cutting-edge innovative from NuGiant. This stylish and colorful gadget was recognized at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Check it out HERE